Secondhand Xbox

When firsthand is just too expensive.

Secondhand likes to believe you can get things cheaper. This site is dedicated to providing advice and listings specific to Xbox's. We’ve shopped for second hand stuff before, these are the resources we used which we’ve now made available for anyone. The listings are customized to save you time, the advice and tips is designed to help you make a good purchase so you don’t get cheated.
Xbox's are fun gaming machines that can last years, their value lies in the great games that are produced for the system - these games don't date as it's the game-play which makes them fantastic. Halo, Battlefield:Bad Company, Grand Theft Auto (GTA), are just some examples of great timeless games.

Tips and Advice:
Top 3
  • Try and meet in person to check the machine before you buy.
  • Check for all the cables and cords, specifically any damage or scratches on the cords to ensure they all work
  • Ask about any ‘Red Circle’ incidents, if they are getting death screens it’s likely you will inherit the problem. Once or twice a year is OK, anymore and it’s not worth it (unless it’s still under warranty), info on Red Circle issues here Click for more advice and tips...
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These listings are a specially customized eBay search to make eBay listings more effective.